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Before leaving your session, we'll schedule your viewing appointment (usually 2-3 weeks later). You'll be invited to come into the studio to see your pictures projected in large format and high resolution. You'll get to see all the pictures from your session (usually between 40-80 for a one hour session), pick out your favorites, and the we'll walk you through the ordering process. We'll send your order to our lab and it should be ready to pick up within four weeks.

Show up for your session about 10 minutes early. Everyone who will be in the pictures should arrive dressed and ready to be photographed.

Sessions last around an hour. There's no limit to the number of clothing changes or props that you can use in your pictures.

If you're scheduled for an outdoor on-location session, we'll keep a close eye on the weather leading up to your appointment, especially if the weatherman is predicting rain. We usually like to wait as long as possible before deciding to reschedule - if there's no actual precipitation, then we're good to go (cloudy days actually make for the best lighting and colors)!

If you're a new client, we highly recommend coming in to the studio for a quick consultation. It will give us the chance to get to know each other and we can talk about the details of your session (date, time, location, clothing, etc.). We'll also show you the products we offer, go over pricing, and get a good idea from you of what you're wanting from your pictures.

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